Our Team

Chris Sands

Marketing Director

World-class marketer who has won multiple awards for his work with Amazon, Nike, Lockheed-Martin, Intel & Motorola.

Breno Batista

Tech Lead

Full stack engineer who learns a new thing everyday. Interested in everything that involves JavaScript and GNU/Linux, but never refuses to discover new technologies.

Lucas Cogliolo


User interface designer with 5+ years of experience working with software agencies, tech-startups and distributed teams.

Melanie Opeña

Partner Support

Experienced generalist virtual assistant for over 6 years, helping startups with digital marketing, partner support, and community management

Michael Nacmias

General Council

Randy Findley


Technical founder with 2 exits. As a CTO, software architect, full-stack developer, and founder, Randy has built applications for startups as well as major companies like The Washington Post, Burpee, and AccuWeather.

Brian Kennish


Engineer on Google's first API teams; creator of developer-relations team.
Developer of Disconnect, world's most used privacy service.

Jason Grad


Top 1-% salesperson at Yelp; founding member of NYC national sales team.
Multi-exit founder and creator of popular charity fundraising software, Cheerful Giving.