Frequently Asked Questions

How does Privacy Pixel work?

One of the steps to being compliant with the CCPA & GDPR is giving users the ability to opt out of having their information shared or sold (broadly defined by the law). Privacy Pixel automates this piece of the work so you don't have to. Our JavaScript snippet, when installed on your site, shows an opt-out modal and automatically blocks third-party tracking code when users opt-out of data sales.

Who needs Privacy Pixel?

Any website with users in California or the EU needs to be compliant with the CCPA and GDPR. Fortune 500 companies pay for enterprise solutions that can often be quite expensive. Privacy Pixel aims to support the 99% by automating a lot of the work enterprise solutions do for a fraction of the cost.

How does Privacy Pixel compare to what's out there?

Privacy Pixel currently has a solution that automates 15-20% of the engineering work of privacy compliance, and it will expand coverage over time. After testing most of the tools in existence, the team found there was a gap in the market for a solution that effectively and accurately provides this type of compliance. Other solutions that claim to be effective are typically not (i.e. when you opt out, they keep sending/tracking/selling data), opening up clients to liabilities. Other companies say they offer automated solutions, but in reality there is still significant engineering work involved and those solutions are very expensive. We aim to actually automate compliance work to save engineering headaches. And with a coverage of 20% of CCPA, Privacy Pixel can save tens of hours of engineering work, management overhead, and upkeep every time a new regulation passes.

How does Privacy Pixel address the frequent changes and nuances in CCPA and GDPR laws?

Privacy Pixel has direct relationships with some of the authors of the CCPA, along with consulting lawyers and legal advisors who help ensure compliance. The guidance is still being adjusted over time so we will learn more, but as of now, it says “commercially reasonable efforts” and our solution has that covered.

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